Tuesday, February 15, 2011

hottest man in the world?

"He is the hottest man i have ever seen!" said ALL the girls of kpop who have seen him. yes, even some boys from kpop that you might know of, think Hiroki Markus is the hottest guy they have ever seen. Every single one of the girls said that they wished they could date markus and do other "things" with him...but we wont get into that. We interviewed alot of the guys to see what they thought of markus. we recall alot saying "i wish i was as good looking as him!" and a few saying "oh im hotter than him.." but you could definatley tell that they were jelouse. his attraction is probably the best part of him....the problem is, he's scared..of EVERYTHING. spiders, snakes, relationships, kiddy rides, bunny rabbits, swimming pools YOU NAME IT! its odd, you would think the hottest man in the world would be tough...

Monday, February 14, 2011


You know 2pm's hottest "couple" Chanho (chansung and Junho)? Well, it turns out that this couple DOES exist! Just last night, the netizens happend to be walking by Chansungs house, and they saw throught the window CHANSUNG AND JUNHO HAVING SEX! It was a shocking sight to see! considering that junho and chansung are supposivley VERY straight. We also found 2 sex tapes of them recently. they just happend to fall out of theyre trash.... Very suspicious behavior i would say...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taemin addicted to NICOTINE???

This picture of Taemin was taken just yesterday by some random paparazzi guy just happening to be in the same place as taemin at the time. ok MAYBE he was stalking him, but thats not the point. ANYWAYS, after seeing this, alot of people are shocked. does this mean that our own Lee Taemin is ADDICTED to nicotine?? well just look at the picture!! he seems proud about it! like, that is just terrible for SHINee's image! not cool taemin! i guess he's not much of an idol anymore...but we all knew this would happen someday. i mean it was kinda obviouse....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taemin being stalked??

SHINee's Lee Taemin is supposivley being stalked by a chinese doctor named Chin Chang! Taemin explained to us that ever since he first met that doctor, chang, he has been creeping on him. He says that chang will whisper things in his ear, things like "i wanna f*** you so hard" and "oh baby your so sexy" exept he says them in chinese. he says that chang doesnt know any other language but chinese. Chang also has been known to stroke taemin innapropriatly like on the butt or he'll grope him innapropriatly. Just recently, taemin got an unexpected call from chang while he was reuniting with his boyfriend/bandmate Kim Kibum (key). taemin had never given chang his phone number so he asked chang how he got it. chang said he took the time to go through taemins files in the hospitals computer and look up his phone number. taemin said he tried to confront chang about it over the phone but he ended up having to hand the phone over to key and make him handle it. unfortunatley the conversation wasnt going well at all. Now Chang is going to be faced with some legal trouble.

Friday, November 26, 2010

TOP and Seungri split it!!

Just 2 days ago, Big bangs Lee Seunghyun (known as Seungri) and Choi Seunghyun (known as TOP) decided to go their seperate ways. Seungri explained that the reason why they broke up was because TOP was a self centered, rude, and controlling b****. TOP said that the reason they broke up was because seungri was a whiney mother f*****. now we do recall seeing seungri and TOP fighting about seungris panda Oreo. we were thinking maybe thats what tore them apart. seungri was depressed for a while after he had to give up oreo because of TOP's demands. Alot of people say that they broke up because seungri cried over EVERYTHING. but the majority of people who know seungri and TOP very well say that they broke up because TOP didnt care about seungris feelings and didnt care when seungri was depressed and not doing anything at all but laying down and staring at the walls. The manager isnt suprised that they broke up. he described them as having sex way too much, and TOP being too demanding and controling. so whoes fault is it? we dont know exactly, but in our opinion, TOP is kind of a b****

Super Junior's Ryeowook admits he's bi!!

Ah yes, another one of our kpop stars is coming clean. Super junior's Kim Ryeowook is admiting to the world that he is Bisexual. he was also comfortable enough with telling us the crushes that he has. First he wanted to admit the crush he has on the leader of his group, Park Leeteuk. He also says that he thinks that SHINee's lead dancer, Lee Taemin, is very cute! But ontop of all o this, he admits the "relations" that he had with his bandmate, Kim Heechul. People are spreading rumors that Heechul and Ryeowook are dating, but Ryeowook says that the events that happend that night, dont mean anything.